All of Mr. Detail Parts products are 3D printed by Shapeways.  The parts are produced at the time you place your order.  Most parts have the option to be printed in your choice of materials.  This effects the final cost as well as the end product.  See below for some photos of parts printed in the various materials.  For more information, visit the Shapeway's Guide to Choosing Your Part Materials. Please note, that due to printing requirements, not all parts are available in all material types.  We try to offer as many options as are feasible for the design of the part.

White Strong and Flexible Products

This material is printed in a white color and has a textured finish.  As the name implies, it is the strongest of the materials and the final part has some flexibility.  In general, this material is best used for parts replicating concrete or other textured surfaces.  While this is the least expensive of all the material options, the final output may not be satisfactory for many of the parts available through Mr. Detail Parts.

Detail and Detail Polished

This material has a smoother finish than the White Strong and Flexible and offers a middle ground from a cost perspective compared the Ultra Detail materials.  This product does not have the same printing resolution as white strong and flexible and the ultra detail materials so not all parts are available in Detail.

Ultra and Frosted Ultra Detail

This material produces the best finished products for Mr. Detail Parts designs.  The surface is generally fairly smooth and the material allows for printing of fine detail parts.  However, the cost is the highest of all the other material options and the parts can be brittle if not handled with care.

Finishing Your Models

All models come unfinished and must be painted before being installed on your layout.  The parts will need to be cleaned and then can be painted with most brands of hobby paint.  For more, see this tutorial on the Shapeway's website: Finishing Your Models

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