Pavement Marking Templates

One of the easiest ways to add more realism to your layout's roads and parking lots is adding pavement markings. These include turn arrows, stop bars, railroad crossing warnings, and pedestrian crosswalks - just to name a few. The templates below can be used as a guide to paint this line work onto your model railroad's roadways just like how its done out in the real world.  Check out the available parts below or visit the store's Pavement Marking Templates section.

Railroad Crossing Template

Railroad Crossing Pavement Marking Stencil. Based on a typical 12' roadway lane.

ADA Parking Space Template

Stencil for a standard ADA parking space with 8' wide vehicle area and 5' wide stripping.

Turning Arrows Template

Stencil for turning arrows and straight through arrow. Can be flipped over to paint a left hand arrow. Based on standard 12' wide lane.

Yield Marking Template

Stencil for Yeild lettering and arrows. Based on standard 12' wide lane.

Stop Bar and Lettering Template

Stencil for Stop lettering and arrows. Based on standard 12' wide lane.

Bus Lane Template

Bus Lane stencil. Based on standard 12' wide lane.

Pedestrian Crosswalk Template

Pedestrian Crosswalk block stencil.

No Parking Template

Stencil for No Parking stripping and lettering.

Bike Lane Template

Stencil for Bike lane including pedestrian on bike symbol plus arrow.